Sample Worksheets

These sample worksheets offer suggestions on how The Illuminated Series' rich content might help teachers pursue flipped learning and meet customised targets.

Vocabulary Illuminated (How to Score an A1 for O Level English)

Sample: Vocabulary Lessons Download
Personal Mobility Devices Download
Nikola Tesla Download
Teenagers & Their Finances Download
Has The Internet Made Teachers Redundant? Download
'Words will never hurt me.' Do you agree? Download


Comprehension Illuminated: Volume I

Sample: Feelings, Lessons 5 - 6 Download
Sample: Imagery, Lessons 4 - 6 (Pages 100-105 in extended demo) Download

Extended Flipped Learning Demo:
Descriptive Writing & Comprehension Skills (New!)

Suggested Responses for Flipped Learning Demo Download

Comprehension Illuminated: Volume II

Sample: Tone & Attitude, Lessons 6 - 7 Download