Sample Worksheets

These sample worksheets offer suggestions on how The Illuminated Series' rich content might help teachers pursue flipped learning and meet customised targets.


Comprehension Illuminated: Volume I

Sample: Feelings, Lessons 5 - 6 Download
Sample: Imagery, Lessons 4 - 6 (Pages 100-105 in extended demo) Download

Extended Flipped Learning Demo:
Descriptive Writing & Comprehension Skills (New!)

Suggested Responses for Flipped Learning Demo Download

Comprehension Illuminated: Volume II

Sample: Tone & Attitude, Lessons 6 - 7 Download


How to Score an A1 for O Level English

Sample: Vocabulary Lessons Download
Personal Mobility Devices Download
Nikola Tesla Download
Teenagers & Their Finances Download
Has The Internet Made Teachers Redundant? Download
'Words will never hurt me.' Do you agree? Download