Publisher of Innovative and Strategic English Learning Resources

Publisher of Innovative and Strategic
English Learning Resources

Upper Secondary English
Small Group Classes

0.01 SGD

If you’re a parent or student, consider small group Upper Secondary English classes conducted personally by the author of The Illuminated Series—but only AFTER you have given the books a go.

Have you put the series to the test?
If you have, perhaps you don’t need extra classes after all!

The Illuminated Series hits different because each page was strategically designed to empower users with the precise skills needed to boost their grades, while eliminating the perceived need for private tuition.

Singapore’s widespread dependence on the shadow education
industry contributes to class inequality, enriches businesses unconcerned about their true social impact, while making
teenagers more exhausted than they really need to be.

This is exactly why The Illuminated Series was
built for schools, and for you.

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