The Illuminated Series

Vocabulary Illuminated

Also titled "How to Score an A1 for O Level English"

  • 100 Critical Vocabulary Words (Myriad, Affluent, Inevitable, Susceptible, and more)
  • 241 Paraphrasing Practices (and Thousands of Fun-Filled Application Exercises)
  • Progressive Learning weaved into every page
  • Excellent Answer Key
Comprehension Illuminated: Volume I
  • 61 Feelings (for Mood, Attitude, and other forms of literary analysis)
  • 207 Imagery Appreciation Exercises (Themes include Appearances, Nature, Buildings & Structures, and more)
  • A library of progressively challenging questions and practice papers (Topics include Ethics, Travel, Climate, Education, and more)
  • Excellent answer key


Comprehension Illuminated: Volume II

  • 22 Illustrated Literary Devices (Puns, Metaphors, Juxtaposition, and more)
  • 159 Guided Exercises (Tone, Attitude, Unusual & Effective, Irony, and more
  • 266 pages of challenging questions and practice papers
    (Topics: World Events, Medicine, Culture, Technology, and more)
  • Excellent answer key


The Illuminated Series

  • Reverse teaching pedagogy
  • Progressive learning intended. For best results, use our books in the order recommended.